Bespoke Tailored Services

Omar Guevara is O.G. Clothing but not all O.G. Clothing is Omar Guevara Bespoke. Omar Guevara represents the highest quality of bespoke tailored apparel services. We create bespoke apparel with various style options for our affluent clients. Omar Guevara offers: Suits, shirts, shoes to jeans, coats, belts & ties.

Bespoke Tailored is the crème de la crème of all fashion. As tits especially made for you from conception to completion with your preferences, your body measurements. This is a luxurious as you can get any service in fashion.

Come in store or via or “Fashion House service” where an Omar Guevara crafts man / tailor will visit you at your home or place of work (Greater London – outside London extra charges apply). We will discuss your options and take measurements whilst building a rapport / relationship with you our client. The main difference here is that you and the tailor (crafts man) together will design the apparel item for example a suit. You, our client with the aid of the crafts man will get measured up fully then choose the relevant fashion style or look you require i.e. standard, classic, slim or skinny fit. Then the client will choose fabrics, accessories, lining and other customised options and the suit will be on its way to be produced. Clients will need to meet on average once or twice thereafter to get fitted and have their Omar Guevara apparel finalised. Our bespoke suits take on average between 40 to 60 hours to produce and are hand sewn / machine sewn to give that rich, robust highest quality finish.

Omar Guevara works alongside OG-1 sports Athleisure and aids in design of OG-1 sports products & accessories. Under this Omar Guevara can offer professional sports team’s bespoke suits for each player for when going on tour or attending special occasions. We will send our specialist Omar Guevara tailor who will come and measure every player and allow the team / club / individuals to choose style of suit, fabrics, linings (including photographic lining with club badge or individual player photos / family photos made individually for each player).