Manufacturing Services/Private Label






OG Clothing Co. (OGCC) has its own sports/urban specialist factory in Sialkot and we have our own printing facilities within London for fast turnaround with optional labels/tags. We can manufacture (from A to Z)/ print most sports/ urban attire/ accessories relating to various fabrics: Please note our main business is Private labelling our current OGCC styles & prototypes, of which this site carries a few options but contact us and we can post by email many other options or come to visit our showroom in London! Alternatively, we can produce various other (bespoke) styles that our clients request from us! We use many fabrics here is a list of our main fabrics!  (Read more)


  • Cotton, cotton/elastane, polyester, poly/lycra, viscose, nylon, cotton/poly
  • Denim (cotton or poly), viscose
  • Buffalo leather hide, cow hide or faux leather
  • Duffle, Satin, nylon, tricot, robux, mesh fabrics
  • Sublimation digital printable fabrics
  • Full faux production to faux fur attachments to leather and non-leather jackets
  • Earth friendly products such as organic, hemp or bamboo cotton to
  • Recycled plastics reproduced into sports fabrics
  • PPE fabrics (high vis), fire retardant, reflectors & kevlar





We have a specialism, in urban & sports, these specialisms have enabled us to be able to produce for many other industries but we focus on taking the above fabrics and producing the below for all ages, gender styles & cultures: (Read more)


  • Tops = T-shirts, (round neck, v neck, Italian style, long line, hooded t-shirts), polo shirts, vests, stringers, tank tops, rash guards (compression), base layers & we specialise in tracksuit tops such as sweat jumpers and hooded tops
  • Bottoms = Track suit bottoms, leggings (compression), cargo, jean's
  • Jackets & coats = All fashion and sports related including. bomber jackets, coach jackets, trench coats, bodywarmers, made with polyester, satin duffle, leather, denim
  • Headwear = Baseball caps, snap backs, beanies, leather hats
  • Accessories = Sports bags, ruck sacks chest bags, man bags, sports wallets leather or non-leather
  • Specialist wear = Construction (high vis), biker leathers, maternity, babies/children wear


International factories and global production:

With international fashion factories slowing down. OG Clothing factory services with head office in east London offers our clients sports/urban apparel and accessories. Our award winning, company has expert (Read more) knowledge on various technological advanced fabrics, print embellishments and the latest fashion styles and cuts is offering serious new client’s minimum quantities for: jersey/fleece for urban /sports or general knitwear fabrics, look no further.


Private label (Manufacturing)

OG Clothing Co. (OGCC) has been in involved with garment manufacturing and printing since 2004. With our nearly two decades of industry knowledge in fashion brand development and manufacturing we have now launched our own factory in Asia. With our head office in London this gives our clients the strongest benefits: (Read more)

  • Knowledge that the OG brand and its private label manufacturing services are produced in house, with our own expert team who carefully design, craft & fully manufacture from A to Z. We have our own tailors, pattern makers, specialist sewing teams from urban, sports to leather specialists. Thus, our production clients understand that we have an umbrella solution that they trust
  • We are fashion /apparel architects i.e. designers, innovators and we have strong ability to offer the highest level of advice/ consultation to our clients
  • We have a full showroom/ multi-media studio in London where clients are welcome to visit. Alternatively, we have various you tube videos that clients can view that show cases various products we produce
  • As a UK based company our clients are protected as we are subject to ‘Sales of Goods Act 1977’ and thus they are protected by English law


Printing & Accessories:

Whether you need UK quick turnaround printing with separate labels and tags or fully produced in our factories with neck labels, swing tags and packaging, we can deliver it all for our clients. (Read more)


We utilise the following print techniques maibly but we kep abreast of all the latest fashion and print techniques

  • Screen Printingis the most versatile printing process. Different types of screen printing include plastisol, rubber, ink and paint. (UK & Offshore Services)
  • 3D Rubber printing leaves a raised effect and is a mixture between screen print & vinyl but it a raised rubber print, that is very durable and very premium looking
  • Embroideryis a technique in which designs and patterns are created by stitching strands of thread onto a layer of material. (UK & Offshore Services)
  • Appliqueis where a motif or design is made separately, then sewn or otherwise affixed to a cloth or garment. (Limited service in the UK & Offshore Services)
  • Vinyl Printingis a PVC based material which has been laser die cut and then applied /transferred onto a garment by heat press techniques. (UK & Offshore Services)
  • Flock Printingor flocking is a process of applying nylon or rayon fibres directly onto the garment, leaving a soft velvet finish. (UK & Offshore Services)
  • Rhinestones /Rhinestudsare coloured pieces of faceted glass /metal created into patterns and then heat pressed on the chosen garment. (Offshore Services)
  • DTG/ Glitter Printing/ Pearl Printing/ Embossingare also other various methods that we can offer


Just a few examples…

All round digital Printing                                        Screen printing


3D rubber printing                                        Embroidery / Digital all round




Accessories are vital to the finishing of garments they give that extra quality feel factor and we specialise in various different accessories;


Accessories we offer:

  • Neck/ main labels
  • Outer/ flag labels
  • Tags & swing tags
  • Embroidery badges
  • PU (jeans) patches
  • Zip pullers
  • Packaging


  • Our UK & international teams have decades of combined knowledge and we take pride in every aspect of our garment production, hence the labels, swing tags and other accessories we pay special attention and detail to in order to give our clients various solutions and leave them with fully branded garment productions.


Graphic Design is our central passion, as we design create and manufacture all our own products and services. We offer design services for urban/ sports fashion development & print designing. (Read more)


Design Services


  • Fashion Design, design services for in particular urban fashion styles, from t-shirts, jeans to jackets
  • Print Embellishment Design ready for screen print, embroidery, vinyl, flock, foil print techniques etc
  • Labels, tags and accessories design, whether it be main/ neck labels, swing tags or PU patches




T-shirts and Polo shirts, we have many options for you our clients look at our website or let us know what you need, what shape, style or cut. We are experts in fashion style high quality t-shirts and Polo-shirts!







We been specialising in tracksuits for a long time from fleece cotton / poly blends, tricot sports to velour, you name it we will make it for you!









COTTON LYCRA / (Elastane)

We highly recommend the under-stated luxurious cotton lycra (elastane) garments we manufacture from         t-shirts, vests to leggings! This is fabric you do not want to miss in your collection.


Vests, Tank tops to camisoles, you name your garment and the fabric, sit back and we will manufacture it!


(Denim) JEANS

We offer (denim) jeans in many shapes and styles our jean ranges are from slim fit to skinny fit, to straight fit etc. We can produce in cotton /poly blends to different washes and enzyme finishes, we can make denim jeans to denim coats /jackets we can produce it all under one roof!











We offer our clients from the worlds softest Napa skin, cow or buffalo hide or sheep skin leather productions. and we can produce a lot more than jackets and coats please make an enquiry on your product or service request.


Here is a Napa skin with faux racoon fur (we only use faux fur) leather jacket with fully digital printed logo or designs within the lining and we can brand your jackets or coats with your design or logo or simply use plain lining within.



We will manufacture from hooded leather jackets /coats to classic 60’s coats /jackets to high (or current) fashion styles to bomber jackets, when it comes to leather apparel and accessories we can manufacture it all,



See our non-leather selection with various fur options, see our faux leather coat or our retro starsky and hutch coats both with Sherpa fur. For your brand the options are endless, various faux fur types,  to no fur at all, or with embedded leather patches, let us know we will manufacture your request A to Z.

Soft shell style biker inspired (and even real) biker jackets to satin bomber jackets, we have so many material and design style opportunities for you to produce your brand from our direct factory!



Various styles and colour and fabrics can be changed within your order, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you various options that will suffice your expectation and more! Alternatively, gives us your design and we will bespoke manufacture your request!


Our factory is in the world-renowned manufacturing city of Sialkot in Asia & our head office/ showroom is in London:

We have experience in manufacturing from work wear (including high vis) to sportswear & we offer private label services on all products you see within our website (Read more) . We also offer full bespoke manufacturing services! Via advanced production & print technologies, we aid our clients in innovative ideas to finished manufactured products. We offer free consultation and we aim to give extra value and benefit in what you may be currently purchasing. Whether it is improvements in price, fabrics, cuts, styles, embellishments, labels, tags and accessories, design/style, anti-bacterial/viral properties we have advancements in these areas!







We are global innovators and we are real engineers in the garment industry and your brand will highly benefit from our ability to produce unique, high quality and very fast productions.

















Rash Guards and MMA / Boxing Shorts sets, long sleeve options, tank top or vest styles, options are endless!


Our brand services / dual brand or private label services:

  • Omar Guevara /OG1 sports branded apparel and accessories (from high end sports tracksuits to designer boxing gloves)
  • Omar Guevara /OG1 sports dual branded products and services
  • Private label / bespoke production utilising high end technology, fabrics, cuts and styles directed by OG Clothing for nearly two decades!

(Read more)

We have even gone down the route of fabric technologies especially for the sporting industry, therefore our current / future fabrics (sports urban related mainly) can be produced with the following properties:

  • Sweat wicking
  • Anti-bacterial (viral)
  • Anti-odour
  • Insulating
  • Water repellent / water resistant
  • 4 way stretch
  • Quick dry
  • Extra soft





Boxing gloves, PU /leather various styles, shapes and weights. Training styles to match quality, single to multiple print to wrap round prints! We have it all under one roof!


Boxing Bags, groin guards, wraps to inner gel gloves, skippoing ropes to martials arts wear. We are experts in all round sports accessories and apparels.

Please contact us by email (please fill in the contact box and or email us at and though we are an online bussiness we do discuss our orders on the phone with our clients around the world otherwise orders can be fufilled by email! From Sampling, size grading to finished products with small minimum orders to large quantiy orders. Contact the OG Clothing Co urban sports fashion design house! We will ask you to answer questions on your brand and after we aim to discuss on phone or deliver directly to your door, dependent on how much time, aid and how complex your enquiry is/ how experienced you/ your company is in manufacturing, but we are here to help A to Z!