OG1 Cotton/Lycra Hand Wraps
OG1 Cotton/Lycra Hand Wraps

OG1 Cotton/Lycra Hand Wraps

Regular price £9.99
  • Lycra/cotton hand wraps one size fits all, approx. 4.5m long
  • Tighter than 100% cotton alone wraps
  • Cotton/ lycra based hand wraps will dig deeper by stretching into the fingers, hand, palm more efficiently
  • More efficient/ effective in doing the job of hand wrapping while protecting the hands & creating maximum strength/ hitting power


Private Label/ Manufacturing offer

Our head office is in London & we have our own direct factory in Asia. We are offering ‘Private Label’ /bespoke manufacturing services on this particular item or any urban /sports products you have in mind. If you are an established/ serious brand please contact us via business@oggroup.co.uk  & our friendly team will contact you!

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