Why buy the OG1 Sports Detach Tracksuit?


Well one reason it is the World’s first (copy cats will copy) sports tracksuit with detachable hooded top and high neck collar! Also, it is a super sports tracksuit that has little /no fade or shrinkage! It has the most amazing fleece lining and you do not see fleece lining with tricot PET fabrics, so this is special in that way.

The cut is made slim and stylish, with cuff bottoms at the legs so in case it is long you can use can fold it in with the power of the cuff elastic-action folding up into the ankles. Thus, allowing you to adjust the size of the leg length! Draw strings on the hood and on the waist elastic of the tracksuit bottoms, in case you want to tighten things up to the next level!

Have your self-looking day to day when you detach or attach the hood, without the hood you have a high neck collar that looks very smart, official and super cool. With the hood, you can obviously be a gangster or simply adopt it to keep your head warm and cosy. If you had a bad hair day then hood up is perfect too!

https://www.ogclothing.com/collections/tracksuits = OG1 Sports Detach Tracksuit buy page