The Defender X –Commuter Jacket

Why you should consider the Defender X jacket? The defender X is the top of the range of the defender ranges of jackets. It has complete commuter safety functions, 2 x inside secret pockets, 1 x phone pocket, 1 x travel card pocket ready to wipe without pulling your card out, 1 x coin pocket on opposite side, 2x security pockets and acts as anti-theft as it has zip and button closure.  1 x mini back pack pocket and is over 30cm deep and it is where the zipped detachable mask is cleverly put away. as well as having space for many secret items! You have a heavy hood that is detachable and can be taken off to create a different style!

So, what are you buying, you are buying a heavy warm, water/ wind resistant super jacket that protects (defends) from pathogens and has great commuter functions and safety features!

On the health defence side (again we do not offer medical assurance), it’s just plain common sense it defends and protects, but most infections occur from infected hands/ fingers not been washed and then used to scratch eyes, ears and nose! So, wash hands and keep away from these parts of the body and wear a protection jacket that offers common sense defence and it makes sure you will never ever forget your mask when you need it to enter certain places where masks are essential to be worm to enter that premises! (3 masks in total, 1 is a detachable snood masks, this mask is zipped inside and the other is a spare mask in the pocket that can be zipped in its place while the first is being washed!) The third mask is a the (high) collar which has been clearly designed to be zipped up high up to cover mouth /nose, thus giving the wearer dual mask protection! So, at any given time 2 of the 3 masks can be utilised at the same time, with one spare mask! What else, yes the long sleeve cuffs that can be tucked in the sleeves if not wishing to utilise them. These long sleeve cuffs act as guards against the main palm of the hands touching train/ busses rails, bars, seats and anything that may pass a virus to the skin of your hands!

 On the commuter side, this jacket is fully loaded, not only is it heavy and thick, thus keeping you warm while on your travels. It has a hood that will keep your head warm, which is detachable for alternative styling. The hood and overall body carry an amazing all-round reflector piping to enable safety at night so drivers can see the person in the jacket from the flash of the reflectors and the commuter is therefore more visible to the driver at night!

Other commuter functions, well the masks are helpful when going on public transport/ premises where masks are essential to travel! The jacket also has as mentioned at the top of this blog, multiple pockets for (triple SSS functionality) Safety, Security and Secrecy! Commute or travel in style be the envy of all those commuters who do not have this defence or safety functions. Thus, feel like the next super hero in your stylish amazing Defender X jacket!

Oh, and don’t forget the spare mask for your friend if you need to get into a venue and your friend has forgot his, you really are a ‘great/ smart friend’ and you just wiped the smile of the security guard who was enjoying not letting your friend enter, you really are a super hero, you are Defender X!

3 colours (black, space grey, camouflage)

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